Pricing Details of Purva Soukhyam Plots

These plots redefine affordability and flexible living with budget-friendly options, the Purva Soukhyam Plots designed to meet a wide range of requirements. These plotted developments are located in quiet settings and have something for everyone ensuring that your dream of having a home matches smoothly with your lifestyle and preferences. With a commitment of Purva Land to being pocket-friendly Plots go beyond affordability, presenting an array of amenities, sustainable planning, and a community-centric atmosphere and quality living places, making homeownership a reality for all.

Now, let's talk about the different types of plots that Purva Land offers in Purva Soukhyam Plots are:

Rowhouse Plots:

  • Area: 500 sq. ft
  • Starting Price: ₹19.90 Lakhs

Compact and cost-effective plots are excellent for individuals looking for efficient living spaces. Perfect for individuals or small families desiring a cozy and affordable home.

Villa Plots:

  • Area: 900 sq. ft
  • Starting Price: ₹33 Lakhs

Offers a larger canvas for homeowners looking to build spacious villas. Ideal for families with a preference for separate homes and a bit more space.

Bungalow Plots:

  • Area: 1650 sq. ft
  • Starting Price: ₹61 Lakhs

Expansive plots for crafting luxurious bungalows catering needs of those who want to live their life according to their taste. Ideal for individuals or families seeking a more luxurious living environment.

Mansion Plots:

  • Area: 2200 sq. ft
  • Starting Price: ₹65 Lakhs

Presents lavish land for constructing attractive mansions combining glory with personalized living. Perfect for those seeking a statement residence and ample space for upscale amenities.

Estate Plots:

  • Area: 3200 sq. ft
  • Starting Price: ₹1.20 Crores

Expansive estate plots are designed for those who imagine a luxurious lifestyle with meaningful living space. Built for wealthy individuals desiring a prestigious and sizable estate.

These thoughtfully planned plot options not only consider the diverse preferences of potential homeowners but also ensure affordability across various budget brackets. From compact and budget-friendly rowhouse plots to expansive estate plots for those with a desire for luxury, each option caters to a specific segment of the market making the dream of personalized homeownership accessible to a wide range of aspiring residents.