Rowhouse Plots

A Rowhouse is like a special kind of house they can be identified by lining the street in a uniform row. These houses are connected and share the same wall and look exactly similar on the outside. These houses are lined up side by side and share a roofline and one or both side walls. Row houses are generally two or three stories high though they can have up to five stories and are usually no wider than '12 to 25’.

Space Optimization: Rowhouse plots are purposely built to make the best use of available land. Developers can make optimum use of available space while providing residents with a sense of individuality by arranging the plots in a row.

Community Living: The layout of rowhouse plots encourages a sense of community living. Residents share a common neighborhood promoting a friendly community where neighbors are nearby.

Architectural Uniformity: Rowhouse plots often follow the same architectural style creating a visually united neighborhood. This uniformity contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal of the community.

Privacy and Independence: While rowhouses share common walls each unit maintains its privacy and independence. Residents enjoy the benefits of an independent house, including a private entrance, backyard, and a private terrace.

Benefits of Living in Rowhouse Plots

Community Interaction: The nearness of rowhouses facilitates easy interaction among neighbors promoting a sense of community and shared experiences.

Maintenance Convenience: Rowhouses sometimes come with smaller, low-maintenance yards, making it convenient for residents who prefer a balance between outdoor space and ease of upkeep.

Cost Savings: Rowhouse plots can provide a balance between the privacy of an independent house and the cost advantages of shared walls making the owner more accessible.

Security: The proximity of neighboring houses in rowhouse plots can contribute to a sense of security as residents may feel more connected and aware of their surroundings.

Efficient Land Use: Rowhouse developments are often built to make efficient use of available land contributing to sustainable urban planning practices.

Living in Purva Soukhyam rowhouse plots combines the benefits of community living with the privacy and independence of individual homes offering a unique and appealing housing option for those seeking a balance between shared amenities and personal space.